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Karoro kimi kai o Waikanae

Te Upokowhakamutunga

He whakarāpopoto

This poem is about the seagulls on the seashore of Waikanae. It describes the setting of the area and walks you through the activity of the seagull as it searches for food.

He whatu pānui

Hei tautoko i te kaipānui

  • Sentences are short
  • Uses words that describe action

Kia mataara!

  • The length of the poem could be a challenge for some students
  • Some of the vocabulary of the text may not be within the reading experience of students at this level.

He kete kupu

Ensure that your students are familiar with the words in this 'He kete kupu' and are able to use them confidently.

toro mamao stretching far
takutai seashore
tohetohe squabbling
pakōtanga knocks

Hei wānanga i te reo

  • Discuss the poetic style of writing.
  • Encourage the students to write brief statements when describing other birds.

Hei whakaihiihi

  • Discuss with the students where they might have seen seagulls before. Talk about some reasons why they might see them at refuse tip or even at the beach. Make a list of the students' responses.
  • Talk to the students about how birds might gather food, especially food lodged in difficult places or even food in shells.

Hei whakatā

  • Point out some of the words in the text that might present some challenge for the students. Brainstorm what each of those words might mean in the context of the poem.
  • Write some of these words on already prepared fish shaped paper for the students to attach to the classroom word net.

Hei wānanga

  • Discuss with the students how the birds can see shellfish from such a height. How do they forage for food?
  • You may like to show the students some examples of birds and the varying beaks. What use is the beak to the bird in this poem?

Hei mahi kē atu

  • Generate a list of things the seagull does in order to get the pipi and tuatua shells open.
  • Write a mock letter to the editor expressing your concern about the way the seagulls are eating too many tuatua and depleting the supplies. Make a suggestion to the editor that perhaps a rāhui should be enforced.
  • Write a poem that expresses the view of the tuatua or pipi.
  • Find some stories or articles about activities at the beach and describe some of these.
  • Write a poem about the significance of the sea or about the different sea birds.

Hei mahi

Draw a visual account of the way the seagull opens the tuatua and pipi shells. This should be done in six illustrations. Prepare a verbal delivery to describe each picture. Please make a blank sheet divided into six sections for this activity (please refer to Mana pupuri © Te Karauna 2004.

Blank worksheet (Word, 22 KB)

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Ngā hononga

Pāwhiria a konei mō ngā pārongo e pā ana ki te pukapuka.

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