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Te whānau Mauri Ora

nā Sean Ogden

He whakarāpopoto

Haunui, Tūwaharoa, Toko, and Tihe are four superheroes who each possess special powers. These special powers relate to bodily functions. The four superheroes use their powers to help Nukurau realise that he has behaved badly towards Moroiti.

Ngā āhuatanga i roto i te tuhinga

He whatu tūkanga

  • The play uses humour to reinforce social behaviours of caring for others.
  • The play encourages seeking help when in a vulnerable situation.
  • Accepting responsibility for one's own actions is advocated.
  • The play shows that actions are followed by consequences.

He whatu tamariki

  • The play provides an opportunity for students to consider the complexities and special qualities of the human body.

He whatu pānui

Hei tautoko i te kaipānui

The conventions and layout of a play are followed:

  • the list of characters uses upper case to signify them
  • the stage directions are in italics and sometimes enclosed in parentheses
  • dialogue is used between each character.
  • The names of the four superheroes are related to their special powers.

Kia mataara!

  • Some students may find certain words, phrases, and concepts challenging. (See 'He kete kupu' for more information.)
  • Please consider the students' experiences in the following areas and provide opportunities for discussion:
    • the students' familiarity with playground behaviour
    • the students' ability to discuss bodily functions
    • the feelings associated with being bullied
    • the feelings associated with helping others
    • the students' familiarity with the conventions of a play, especially the layout
    • the students' experience in using expression, fluency, and pace when reading a play aloud and portraying a character
    • the students' experience in imaginative story writing.

He kete reo

This play provides an opportunity to make connections with traditional stories depicting tūpuna who hold special powers.

He kete kupu

Please ensure that students are familiar with the words in this 'He kete kupu' and are able to use them confidently.

nanakia crafty, cunning
kōwhakina steal, snatch
peia knock over
hotuhotu sob
whakangare urge
warea overcome with sleep, unconscious
pononga follower, captive
rangirua irregular, out of unison
haurangi mad, deluded
kōhumuhumu whisper, murmur

Hei wānanga i te reo

Spend some time discussing and practising ways to express surprise. Consider the use of exclamation marks with phrases like 'Ai!', 'Ai auē!', and 'E Ta!'

Hei whakaihiihi

  • Ask students to share stories about a time when they have helped someone at school.
  • Introduce the title and explain that it is a play about four children who help someone at school.
  • Briefly discuss the characters' names.
  • Explain that Haunui, Tūwaharoa, Toko, and Tihe have special powers. Predict what those special powers might be.
  • Establish a purpose for reading the play. 'We're going to read the play to find out how they use their powers and why.'
  • Read the play to the students.

Hei whakatā

  • Determine who will take each character role and share the reading.
  • Encourage students to use expression to help bring meaning to the words.

Hei wānanga

  • Discuss various functions the human body performs and research why they occur.
  • Discuss and role-play possible strategies to use when feeling vulnerable and sad in different settings.

Hei mahi

Ngā pūkenga

Learning outcomes

Learning experiences

  Students will be able to: Students could:

Te Reo: Whakaatu, taumata 3

Ko te whakakotahi i te reo ataata me te reo ā-waha.

read aloud informally with fluency and expression prepare to perform this play for an audience

Te Reo: Tuhituhi, taumata 2

Ko te tuhi i ngā tuhinga whakaahua poto e pā ana ki ōna wheako whaiaro

write dialogue, expressing ideas write a play about an incident where they have helped someone else

Te Reo: Mātakitaki, taumata 2

Ko te tāutu i te hononga o ngā āhuatanga reo ā-waha ki ērā atu āhuatanga o tētahi tuhinga.

present ideas using simple layout. design a backdrop for the play.

Ki runga ^

Ngā hononga

Pāwhiria a konei mō ngā pārongo e pā ana ki te pukapuka.

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